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This page is devoted to the game of Quake:

Quake III Arena [Cheats]

Inf. Time (1 Player) 1st Tier B8A630DD000003E7

Inf. Machinegun Ammo (1 Player) 1st Tier 4FAA16B100000063

Inf. Shotgun Ammo (1 Player) 1st Tier 9FB8038F00000063

Inf. Rocket Launcher Ammo (1 Player) 1st Tier D8588AA700000063

Inf. Plasma Gun Ammo (1 Player) 1st Tier A61358E900000063

Max Accuracy (1 Player) 1st Tier 2FD77131000000C8

Max Impressive (1 Player) 1st Tier 59A76523000000C8

Max Excellent (1 Player) 1st Tier AF6343E5000000C8

Max Gauntlet (1 Player) 1st Tier EF270AE0000000C8

Max Frags (1 Player) 1st Tier 411A0DBD000000C8

Max Perfect (1 Player) 1st Tier 76E5C176000000C8

<P align=center><IMG style="WIDTH: 600px; HEIGHT: 50px" height=78 src="https://www.viper-sniper.com/Main/barsnake.gif" border=0></P>

<div align=center><font color="beige">Q3 Commands List:</font></div>

+zoom           Sniper Zoom
                      +attack           Fire your gun.
                      +back             Player steps backwards
                      +button0        Same as +attack
                      +button1        Don't know, can't figure this one out
                      +button2        Start using selected item, same as enter
                      +button3        Taunt and laugh at attacker
                      +button4        Don't know yet, can't figure this one out
                      +button5        USE THE GRAPPLE IN ALLIANCE CTF
                      +button6        Don't know, have no idea.
                      +forward          Player moves forward, duh.
                      +left               Player moves left, duh
                      +lookdown       Player looks down, not used if you have freelook turned on.
                      +lookup           Player looks up, not used if freelook with mouse is enabled
                      +movedown     Crouch
                      +moveleft       Strafe to the left
                      +moveright      Strafe to the right
                      +moveup         Climb a ladder
                      +right              Player moves right
                      +speed          Not necessary if your player is set to run
                      +strafe           Strafe key
                      bind                use to bind a key to a command.
                      bindlist            list all your binds and what keys they are assigned to.
                      centerview      quickly move current view to the center of screen.
                      messagemode - send a message to everyone.
                      messagemode2 - send a message to teammates ONLY.
                      toggle              Used to toggle some variable commands, see variables use
                      toggleconsole   Brings down console for you to type in text or command
                      unbind              remove a binding for a key.
                      imagelist         list currently open images and textures.
                      midiinfo            info on MIDI music system.
                      modellist         list of currently open player models.
                      scanservers     scan the local net for available servers.
                      shaderlist        list of currently open shaders (light effects).
                      skinlist            list of currently open skins.
                      soundinfo         information about your sound system.
                      soundlist           list of open sound files.
                      status              status of currently connected server.
                      userinfo            will return info on you
                      play [file]         plays local sound file   - Can't get this to work yet
                      snd_restart       restarts the sound system.
                      stopsound       Turn off sounds
                      record xxx        record a demo where xx is filename, no extension needed..
                      stopdemo        stop recording the demo.
                      demo xxx        play recorded demo file name xxx
                      serverstop        stop the server.
                      connect (ip address)      connects to a server
                      kick xxx          kick a user
                      serverlist          search for local servers.
                      disconnect - disconnect from the current server.
                      cg_thirdperson 1  third-person view
                      clear                   clears the console.
                      condump xxx       saves console text to a file named xxx
                      exec xxx.cfg        Executes a config file script
                      quit                      Quit out of game completely
                      rcon                    Remote console, for refs and admins only
                      say                     To type text for ALL players to see
                      screenshot          Take a screenshot
                      set                       set a variable.
                      seta                    same as set
                      vstr                      Variable string command.  See ALIAS page
                      wait                    Insert a clock tick to allow your cpu to process a
                                                command, then wait before processing the next.
                                                Almost have to have it in variable string binds.






capturelimit "8"
server side command to set # of times a team must grab the others flag before the win is declared

cg_autoswitch "0"
auto-switch weapons, goes to weap you just picked up, best to turn OFF, use zero 0

cg_brassTime "1250"
set amount of time a shell casing gets displayed if set to 0 the game engine will skip all shell eject code

cg_centertime "3"
set display time for center screen messages (0 off)

cg_crosshairHealth "1"
show health by the cross hairs

cg_crosshairSize "24"
crosshair size...incase you have crosshair envy (c:

cg_draw2D "1"
toggle the drawing of 2D items or text on the status display

cg_draw3dIcons "1"
toggle the drawing of 3D icons on the HUD off and on draw 2D icon for ammo if cg_draw3dicons 0

cg_drawAmmoWarning "1"
toggle low-ammo warning display

cg_drawAttacker "1"
toggle the display of last know assailant

cg_drawCrosshair "1"
select crosshair (change to zero if you have really good aim ha! ha!) 10 crosshairs to select from (cg_drawCrosshair 1 - 10) "John Carmack"

cg_drawCrosshairNames "1"
toggle displaying of the name of the player you're aiming at

cg_drawFPS "0"
toggle Frames Per Second display (when set to one "0" is default)

cg_drawGun "0"
toggle determines if the weapon you're holding is visible or not

cg_drawIcons "1"
toggle the drawing of any icons on the HUD and scoreboard

cg_drawRewards "1"
toggle display of award icons above recipient's player model

cg_drawKiller "1"
toggle display of player's name and picture that fragged you last

cg_drawStatus "1"
draw the HUD. (toggle weather or not health and score is displayed)

cg_drawTeamOverlay "0"
toggle the drawing of the team status overlay on the top right of the screen it shows team player names, location, ammo (and what type weapon), and frag count for each player

cg_drawTimer "1"
show timer on HUD. Shows Time remaining, if timelimit is set

cg_footsteps "1"
toggle the footstep sounds of your player in the game

cg_forceModel "0"
force model selection, also forces player sounds "John Carmack"

cg_fov "100"
field of view/vision "90" is default higher numbers give peripheral vision.

cg_gibs "1"
toggle the display of animated gibs (explosions flying body parts!)

cg_gun "1"
toggle determines if the weapon your holding is visible or not

cg_gunX "0"
set X coordinates of viewable weapon if cg_drawGun is set to 1

cg_gunY "0"
set Y coordinates of viewable weapon if cg_drawGun is set to 1

cg_gunZ "0"
set Z coordinates of viewable weapon if cg_drawGun is set to 1 moves the gun model forward or backward in relation to the player models hold

cg_lagometer "1"
toggle the display of Lag-O-Meter on the HUD 1=netgraph 0=frag counter which changes color to reflect what place your in as wellSection 6 of the Q3Test_Instructions_Readme.txt has a more detailed description of this tool. Simply put the top graph (blue/yellow): A vertical line is painted for every rendered frame. if the line is blue and going down from the baseline that indicates a steady transition of frames from one to the next. A yellow line going up from the baseline means the frames are not being fully rendered in time. The bottom graph (green/yellow/red): A vertical line is painted for every received snapshot. If the line is green it indicates properly received snapshots, with the height of the bar proportional to the ping. If the bar is yellow it indicates that the snapshot was held back because it hit the rate limit. If the line is red it means the snapshot was dropped by the network...Lots of thanx goes out to hacker, Erik, TeoH, and Wilka

cg_marks "1"
toggle the marks the projectiles leave on the wall (bullet holes, etc)

cg_nopredict "0"
toggle client-side player prediction. (disabling causes the client to wait for updates from the server before updating the player location.) .

cg_predictItems "1"
toggle client-side item prediction. 0 option to not do local prediction of item pickup "John Carmack"

cg_railTrailTime "400"
how long the railgun's trails last

cg_runpitch "0.002"
set amount player view bobs up and down while running

cg_runroll "0.005"
set amount player view rolls side to side while running (in 3rd person only?)

cg_shadows "0"
set shadow detail level (0 = OFF, 1 = basic discs, 2 = Stencil Buffered 3 = Simple Stencil Buffered (if r_stencilebits is not=0)) - Andre Lucas

cg_showmiss "0"
toggle the display of missed packets or predictions on the HUD

cg_simpleItems "0"
makes some objects more "simple" (faster to render) now draws sprite items (OK large gain in FPS but even larger loss in visual quality/effects, is it worth it?)...hacker

cg_teamChatHeight "8"
set height in pixels? of the chat text in team play mode

cg_teamChatTime "3000"
set how long messages from teammates are displayed on the screen

cg_thirdPerson "0"
toggle the use of and third person view

cg_thirdPersonAngle "0"
change the angle of perspective you view your player (180 changes view to the front of the model)

cg_thirdPersonRange "40"
change the trailing distance you view your player from

cg_tracerchance "0.4"
set frequency of tracer bullets (1 is all tracers)

cg_tracerlength "100"
set length of tracer bullets

cg_tracerwidth "1"
set width of tracer bullets

cg_viewsize "100"
changes view port size 0 - 100 (you probably wouldn't want less than 100)

cg_zoomfov "22.5"
what the zoomed in field of view will be any thing more than 30 would not be sniper friendly

cl_freelook "1"
toggle the use of freelook with the mouse (your ability to look up and down)

cl_freezeDemo "0"
stops a demo play back and freeze on one frame

cl_maxpackets "30"
set the transmission packet size or how many packets are sent to client

cl_maxPing "800"
controls which servers are displayed in the in-game server browser - ata

cl_noprint "0"
printout messages to your screen or to the console (tired of all the chatter?)

cl_pitchspeed "140"
set the pitch rate when +lookup and/or +lookdown are active

cl_run "1"
always run...play without it I dare you! (c:

cl_yawspeed "140"
set the yaw rate when +left and/or +right are active

color "1"
rail color blue/green/cyan/red/magenta/yellow/white respectively 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

com_blood "1"
toggle the blood mist effect in the gib animations. 0 option for no gibs and no blood on hits "John Carmack"

A server side variable only, GO HERE FOR EXPLANATION

com_maxfps "100"
set max frames per second you receive from server (maxfps was removed)

con_notifytime "6"
defines how long messages (from players or the system) are on the screen, default is 3, I prefer 6 seconds - Scarab.

crosshairhealth "1"
show health by the cross hairs

crosshairsize "24"
crosshair size...incase you have crosshair envy (c:

fov "100"
field of view/vision "90" is default higher numbers give peripheral vision.  I suggest 100 or 110 - Scarab

fraglimit "20"
set fraglimit on a server (0 is no limit)

freelook "1"
steer aim and control head movement with the mouse…a must (c:

g_friendlyFire "0"
A server side variable only, toggle damage caused by friendly fire 1 = can kill or injure teammate

g_gametype "0"
0 - Free For All
1 - Tournament
2 - Single Player

3 - Team Deathmatch
4 - Capture the Flag

to start a dedicated server in tournament mode, you would use: quake3.exe +set dedicated 2 +set sv_zone tournaments +set g_gametype 1 +map q3tourney2, "Graeme Devine" thanks also to TheKiller


g_gravity "800"
set the gravity level. (this is normally set by a property of the map loaded)

g_inactivity "0"
set the amount of time a player can remain inactive before kicked

g_knockback "1000"
the knockback from a weapon, higher number = greater knockback.

g_log "1"
toggles logging of game data or statistics John Carmack made g_log a filename instead of a 0/1 in this version

g_logSync "0"
possibly toggles synchronization of game log and console log??

g_maxGameClients "0"
set maximum # of players who may join the game

g_motd ""
set message of the day to "X" (see "cl_motd" to display it)

g_needpass "0"
variable alerts the client that a password is needed to join your server

g_password ""
possibly a variable that holds the password to get in the game

g_quadfactor "3"
allows the admin to set the amount of damage the quad damage will do.

g_spAwards ""
variable holds the names of the award icons have been earned in the tier levels in single player mode

g_speed "320"
how fast you move in Q3Test. The greater the number, the greater the velocity

g_teamAutoJoin "0"
toggle the automatic joining of the smallest or loosing team

g_teamForceBalance "0"
toggle the forcing of teams to be as even as possible on a server

g_warmup ""
the warmup time for tournament play is set with g_warmup. A tournament game is implicitly a one on one match, and further players are automatically entered as spectators (note, when the game starts, all clients, including the spectators respawn). You can follow the players by using Steam follow1T, Steam follow2T, and you can be a scoreboard by using Steam scoreboardT., "Graeme Devine"

g_weaponrespawn "5"
set the time before a picked up weapon will respawn again, 0 = continuous respawn

gamedate ""
Jan 13 2000

gamename "baseq3"
set the game directory (for MODS and such dir. would be other than baseq3) such as alliance

graphheight "32"
set height, in pixels?, for graph displays

graphscale "1"
set scale multiplier for graph displays

graphshift "0"
set offset for graph displays

gun_x "0"
set the x location of the gun model (one is up and down one is side to side)

gun_y "0"
set the y location of the gun model (one is up and down one is side to side)

gun_z "0"
set the z location of the gun model (possibly angle?)

handicap "100"
set player handicap (max health), valid values 0 - 100

in_joystick "0"
toggle the initialization of the joystick  (command line)

in_midi "0"
toggle the use of a midi port as an input device r-d-x

in_midichannel "1"
toggle the use of a midi channel as an input device r-d-x

in_mididevice "0"
toggle the use of a midi device as an input device r-d-x

in_midiport "1"
toggle the use of a midi port as an input device r-d-x

in_mouse "1"
toggle initialization of the mouse as an input device (command line)

logfile "0"
enable console logging 0=no log 1=buffered 2=continuous 3=append so as not to overwrite old logs

m_filter "1"
toggle use of mouse "smoothing"

m_forward "0.25"
set the back and forth movement distance of the player in relation to how much the mouse moves

m_pitch "0.022"
set the up and down movement distance of the player in relation to how much the mouse moves

m_side "0.25"
set the strafe movement distance of the player in relation to how much the mouse moves

m_yaw "0.022"
set the speed at which the player's screen moves left and right while using the mouse

mapname ""
variable holds the name of the current map being used

model "visor/blue"
set the model used to represent your player Hey John a 3D Keen model would be nice…(c:

name "Scarab"
pick your own, be original, vulgar names are lame

nextmap ""
holds a command to be executed upon the loading of the next map - LOKi

password ""
set password for entering a password protected server

r_depthbits "16"
sets up how many bits are used for color depth 8, 16, or 32 bit?

r_drawSun "1"
set to zero if you do not want to render sunlight into the equation of lighting effects

r_drawworld "1"
toggle rendering of map architecture

r_dynamiclight "0"
toggle dynamic lighting (different "dynamic" method of rendering lights)

r_fullbright "0"
toggle textures to full brightness level (is set as a cheat code?) boy who turned on the lights…(c:

r_fullscreen "1"
toggle full screen or play in a window

r_glDriver "opengl32"
used "x" OpenGL driver (Standard OpenGL32 or 3dfxvgl)

r_intensity "1"
increase brightness of texture colors (may be like gl_modulate?)

r_lastValidRenderer ""
last known video driver(RIVA 128/RIVA 128 ZX (PCI)) << donations needed for a better (c: mailto:vern_a@swbell.net

r_lightmap "0"
toggle entire map to full brightness level all textures become blurred with light (is set as a cheat code?)

r_lodscale "5"
set scale for level of detail adjustment

r_logFile "0"
set log file name

rate "10000"
modem speed/rate of data transfer "4500", or 10000 recommended for Cable/DSL users

rcon_password ""
set password for remote console control of the server

rconAddress ""
variable holds IP address of the server for rcon

rconPassword ""
set password for remote console control of the server

s_khz "11"
set the sampling frequency of sounds lower=performance higher=quality

s_loadas8bit "1"
load sounds in 8bit mode

s_mixahead "0.2"
set delay before mixing sound samples.

s_musicvolume "1"
music volume level 0=off

s_show "0"
toggle display of paths and filenames of all sound files as they are played.

s_volume "0.7"
Sound FX Volume

scr_conspeed "3"
how fast the console goes up and down

sensitivity "9"
how far your mouse moves in relation to travel on the mouse pad

server1 ""
holds IP/URL of a servers from the favorite servers list - Dr Qube

server2 ""
holds IP/URL of a servers from the favorite servers list - Dr Qube

server3 ""
holds IP/URL of a servers from the favorite servers list - Dr Qube

server4 ""
holds IP/URL of a servers from the favorite servers list - Dr Qube

sex "male"
set gender for model characteristics (sounds, obituary's etc.)

sv_allowdownload "1"
toggle the ability for clients to download files maps etc. from server. .

sv_floodProtect "1"
toggle server flood protection to keep players from bringing the server down

sv_fps "20"
set the max frames per second the server sends the client

sv_hostname ""
set the name of the server "Shadowlands"

sv_killserver "0"
if set to a one the server goes down (server console only I hope)

sv_mapname ""
variable holds the name of the current map being used on a server

sv_master1 ""
set URL or address to master server "master3.idsoftware.com"

sv_master2 ""
optional master 2

sv_master3 ""
optional master 3

sv_maxclients "8"
maximum number of people allowed to join the server dedicated server memory optimizations. Tips: com_hunkMegs 4 sv_maxclients 3 bot_enable 0 "John Carmack"

sv_maxPing "0"
set the maximum ping alowed on the server to keep HPB out

sv_maxRate ""
option to force all clients to play with a max rate. This can be used to limit the advantage of LPB, or to cap bandwidth utilization for a server. Note that rate is ignored for clients that are on the same LAN. Father John stepping in, in the name of fairness…(c: (ever notice when 3 or so LPB's join a server your PING takes a dump? It's because your slice of the pie got smaller because theirs is so big…die bandwidth suckers)

sv_minPing "0"
set the minimum ping aloud on the server to keep LPB out

sv_nopredict "0"
is it possible that the server is handling some prediction of player location?

sv_paused "0"
allow the game to be paused from the server console?

sv_privateClients "0"
require password for clients (members only hmm…)

sv_privatePassword ""
set password for private clients to login with

sv_pure "1"
disallow native DLL loading if sv_pure, requires clients to only get data from pk3 files the server is using "John Carmack"

sv_reconnectlimit "3"
number of times a disconnected client can come back and reconnect

sv_running "1"
variable flag tells the console weather or not a local server is running

sv_serverid ""

sv_showloss "0"
toggle sever packet loss display

sv_timeout "120"
sets the amount of time for the server to wait for a client packet before assuming a disconnected state.

sv_zombietime "2"
the amount of time in minutes before a frozen character is removed from the map.

sv_zone "default"
this is the keyword that clients will search for, server admin's should set this variable to the gametype they have running. free for all, tournament, team deathmatch, and CTF I do not know if you can deviate from the keywords the way Zaphod laid them down in the whatsnew.txt

sys_cpuid "33"
more snooping into your CPU

teamoverlay "0"
toggle the drawing of the colored team overlay on the HUD

teamflags "0"
set flags for team play (probably will be a hex value like deathmatch flags)

timedemo "0"
when set to "1" times a demo and returns frames per second like a benchmark

timegraph "0"
toggle the display of the timegraph. .

timelimit "0"
amount of time before new map loads or next match begins

timescale "1"
set the ratio between game time and real time

viewlog "0"
toggle the display of the startup console window over the game screen. .

viewsize "100"
changes view port size 0 - 100 (you probably wouldn't want less than 100)

zoomfov "22.5"
what the zoomed in field of view will be any thing more than 30 would not be sniper friendly

To ban players IP's:

First off you will need to put this in your server config file  set g_filterban 1.

To band someone what you have to do is,  do your rcon status thing to get there IP address.

Then the in your console type this in /addip then the IP address  so it would look like this :

/rcon addip

and thats all you have to do.  What I do is ban them but it dosent kick them off your server

so then I have to do a client kick then the player number and he should be gone for good :).

If you want to check and see who all you have banned type this in your console

/rcon g_banips

To get your server to show up in color put this in this in front of your server name

 ^8  (8 is the color)  if that dosent work then you will have to do this ^^88

(on some versions you have to do it in double so the color would be 8).

As far as U-Freeze I dont know anything about that mod if it somewhat like bery then

you would  do your /rcon map q3dm2 .


g_thawTime 3.0
The amount of time, in seconds, a player must stand next to a teammate to thaw him. Fractional values (e.g. 2.5) are fine.

g_autoThawTime 120
The amount of time, in seconds, it takes for a player to thaw automatically. Whole numbers only.

g_friendlyAutoThawTime 120
The amount of time, in seconds, it takes for a player to thaw automatically if he was frozen by a teammate. Whole numbers only.

g_hardcore 0
Set this to "1" to enable a hardcore suicide policy. Cratering and drowning players will freeze, and corpsicles in lava/slime/voids/death fog will take g_llamaPenalty seconds to thaw.

g_llamaPenalty 3.0
Set this to the number of seconds it takes to thaw in lava/slime/voids/death fog. Fractional values (like 2.5) are fine.

g_noDamageTime 0.0
The amount of time, in seconds, that a player cannot be damaged after he spawns in. This is primarily intended for instagib play. Fractional values are fine.

g_noAttackTime 0.0
The amount of time, in seconds, that a player cannot fire his weapon after he spawns in. This is meant to be used with g_noDamageTime. Fractional values are fine.

g_noFreezeTime 2.0
The amount of time, in seconds, that a player cannot be frozen after he spawns in. Fractional values are fine.

g_startArmor 0
Set this to the amount of armor you want players to start with.

dmflags 0
A binary mask to set certain game options. Add up the numbers belonging to the features you wish to enable and set dmflags to that value.

No falling damage

Fixed field-of-view: Players' cg_fov settings will be locked at 90.

No footsteps

No item reset: When a team wins a round all the living players will not have their health and weapon ammo reset.

No team reset: When a team wins a round, their players will not be automatically thawed.

Weapon stay: Weapons will not disappear when picked up.

No playerclip: Players can move through so-called "clip brushes", invisible volumes which are used to close certain areas off.

Nightmare mode: All weapons do mega damage with 200 starting ammo. This is mostly used to set up instagib Freeze Tag servers. Note that with weaponlimit set to 2048, the Gauntlet will not do mega damage.

No self damage: Splash damage weapons will not hurt the player who fires them.


For example, if you wanted a "nightmare mode" server with no falling damage, you would set dmflags to 1032 (8 + 1024).

wpflags 1

A binary mask to set which weapons players will spawn with.

Value Weapon

1 Machinegun

2 Shotgun

4 Grenade Launcher

8 Rocket Launcher

16 Lightning Gun

32 Railgun

64 Plasmagun

128 BFG10K


For example, if you wanted players to spawn with a machinegun, shotgun, and railgun, you would set
wpflags to 35 (1 + 2 + 32).

weaponlimit 0
A binary mask to remove weapons and the ammo from a map. It uses the same values as wpflags.
For example, if you wanted to remove the BFG from every map, you would set weaponlimit to 128.

g_huntMode 0
I initially created "hunt modes" to test the Invisibility powerup's new effect. They were so fun,
though, that I had to leave them in. Both hunt modes are just like regular Team Freeze or CTF Freeze -
but with a twist. Hunt mode 1: Teams take turns having a "hunter." The game automatically gives a
random player on the team the Invisibility powerup. If he drops it, anyone may pick it up. (This
means your team can have a hunter twice in a row if you manage to freeze the opposite team's hunter.)
Hunt mode 2: Everyone is invisible, and teams take turns having a "seer." The game automatically
gives a random player on the team the Sight powerup (which is new). The same dropping rules apply.
The new Invisibility effect makes players more visible as they speed up. Any speed between 0 and
walking speed makes a player completely invisible (except for his breath). Any speed between running
speed and moderate strafe-jumping speed makes a player very visible. Firing your weapon makes you
extremely visible for about a second, as the muzzle flash propogates over your invisibility field.
Server admins can enable voting of hunt modes by setting vote_huntmode to 1.


g_huntTime 60
This is the amount of time the Invisibility or Sight powerup lasts when it is given to a player
while in a hunt mode.


g_grapple 0
Set this to "1" to enable the grappling hook.


g_grappleSpeed 1800
Determines how fast the grappling hook flies.


g_grapplePullSpeed 1200
Determines how fast the grapple pulls players along.


g_reloadFactor 1.0

A number usually between 0 and 1 that is multiplied against the reload time. 0 is no reload time,
1 is normal. Settings below 0.5 are not recommended, as reload times will quickly start to become
framerate-dependent for some weapons. (For example, if it is set to 0.5, the lightning gun will not
fire as quickly for players whose framerates are below 40.) You can get around this by using pmove_fixed.
This setting is probably most useful in instagib mode. Here is a list of reload times for the various weapons:

Weapon Reload Time

Gauntlet 0.4 (2/5) seconds

Machinegun 0.1 (1/10) seconds

Shotgun 1 second

Grenade Launcher 0.8 (8/10) seconds

Rocket Launcher 0.8 (8/10) seconds

Lightning Gun 0.05 (1/20) seconds

Railgun 1.5 (1 1/2) seconds

Plasmagun 0.1 (1/10) seconds

BFG10K 0.2 (1/5) seconds


For example, if you wanted the railgun to reload every second, you would set g_reloadFactor to 0.666.


g_railJumpKnock 0

Determines the strength of the knockback of the Railgun. This only affects the player that fired the shot.
Setting this to 100 will give a knockback equal to that of the Rocket Launcher.

g_pogoJumps 0

This setting is halfway between a joke and...okay, it's actually kind of a joke. Set it to "1" if you want
"pogo jumps" enabled. If a player crash lands and has had the jump key held for 1/2 second or more, he will
do a "pogo jump": his velocity will be reflected off of the surface he landed on. It's actually very useful,
and anyone alive in the 70's will love the sound it makes.


g_delagHitscan 1

Setting this to "0" will disable full lag compensation. Unlagged 2.0's correction for Quake 3's built-in 50ms
lag will still be in effect, however. (This is the same correction that CPMA and OSP use.)

Lag Compensation

g_smoothClients 1

The implementation of this has changed. Previously, having g_smoothClients set to "1" would simply prepare
for extrapolation on clients that set cg_smoothClients to "1". Having g_smoothClients enabled on the server
and cg_smoothClients enabled on the client was supposed to smooth out other players who would otherwise skip
around because of a laggy connection. (It didn't work.)

g_smoothClients now extrapolates player positions on the server, making cg_smoothClients unnecessary and
reducing network bandwidth requirements somewhat. The only downside is a nearly unappreciable amount of CPU
usage. For the sake of your clients who would actually like to hit a player who would otherwise be skipping
around, please leave this enabled unless you are really strapped for CPU power.

Lag Compensation

g_lightningDamage 8

With the lightning gun being so easy to use with lag compensation turned on, there has been a big debate over
whether or not it's too powerful. People who say it is contend that the damage amount was assigned after the
networking was in place; therefore the weapon had to be overpowered to make it useful. People who say it isn't
say that the people on the receiving end simply aren't used to having the shaft pointed at them so much by
people who can use it, and haven't had a chance to learn to dodge it properly.

I lean toward the latter, which is why the default on this setting is the damage the lightning gun does
normally. However, if you have a problem with its overuse on your server, you might try setting it to 7 after
removing it from wpflags.
Lag Compensation

ref_password "none"
Set it if you trust a few players to have referee acess. Those players can use the ref command to authenticate
as referee using this password. If set to "none," players cannot authenticate as a referee.

g_refAutologin 0

Set this to "1" if you'd like referees to be able to login automatically by setting ref_login.